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Welcome to the website of the water polo club KVS Pilsen. Here you can find up-to-date information about our club's events, our training sessions and our players' competitions.

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Recruitment of children aged 6-16

We have a water polo school: WE 18:00-19:00, FR 18:30-19:30 h - children from the age of 6 - through a playful way the children learn how to swim and the more talented even the basics of water pol


Last messages

Andrea S | 11/01/2020

Pohár ČSVP mladších dorostenců – skupina A – Plzeň 11. – 12. ledna 2020

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Andrea S | 02/01/2020

Reprezentační soustředění v Přerově a ve Strakonicích, Mezinárodní novoroční turnaj - ICT Pro CUP v Brně

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Petr T | 23/12/2019

Veselé Vánoce 2019

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